Songs to Get Me Out of My Funk and Into The Funk

There’s a song for every mood. Whether you’re dreaming of the clurb or you’re sleeping the day away in bed, there’s a banger for it. When I’m feeling depressed, I use music to both indulge and mitigate that depression.

Music has a great power over how my day is going to lay out. I’m not a believer in resisting feelings on bad days. In fact, I let myself wallow my negative feelings and play a sad song to match the tone. Or, if I’m tired of feeling down, I’ll play a bop.

Full disclosure: this doesn’t always work. Sad songs might make me feel sadder. Happy songs might feel like a slap in the face when I’m depressed. But most days, they help me.

Happy songs to make me feel better:

I found this song at the end of the movie Ibiza and, not only could I not stop listening to it, I couldn’t stop listening to the whole soundtrack. Safe to say, I was up and out, like “bitches let get to the club.”

Okay, so this is obvious. Everyone knows this song is fucking great, but I had to include it to show that I do actually know popular songs, contrary to my own beliefs in myself.

My cousin introduced this song to me and told me he listened to it wrapped around an orange blanket, tripping on mushrooms in Amsterdam. So I knew it would be good.

This guy’s voice is perfectly strange and the music is too dancey to just sit around.

Get your claps out. This song requires movement.

Leave it to Grimes to make you feel like a badass WOman.

So Billie Eilish is 18 years old. So what I’m not a successful teenager? It’s fine. At least I have this song.

Sad songs to color my tears:

Try to listen to this song without a passionate sing-a-long.

My go-to ‘feel like a fuck-up’ song. I sing it with a fervor every time.

I’ve been listening to this said boi for a few years now. It was even on repeat the day after the 2016 presidential elections.

Still not over the end of Call Me By Your Name. Someone get me tissues, because Sufjan fucks me up.

Also not over this movie. Like, you can FEEL the love in this. HARD.

So my sad songs are mostly made up of musicals and that’s because your girl’s gotta sing. Catch me crying and singing my heart out at my next low day.