The Scrunchie Limelight

Everyone’s talking about it. The small but epic thing that is a scrunchie adorned the wrist of the tall, handsome beast of a man, Jason Momoa on Sunday night at the 91st Academy Awards and the world was shook.

I sat down at the couch and tuned out everything to watch this year’s Oscars red carpet. I’ve always loved the first look at the trends, the risks, the yawns, and the affirmation claps and “yas’s” at the stunning stars I one day hope will read my words on screen.

But I wasn’t prepared when Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa stepped up wearing their personal Karl Lagerfeld ensemble, and gifted us with a glance at the beautiful pink velvet Fendi scrunchie so delicately wrapped around Momoa’s wrist.

I jumped on my Insta-story quick to show the world that I was moved. Not long after, the news hopped on that scrunchie’s dick quick. I was devastated in both good and bad ways.

I had to know the story. I had to know how we could be so lucky.

And now, we’ve been blessed with an exclusive behind the scenes look at the preparation that so appropriately started with that hair accessory. (Not to mention, some generously angled shots of J-Mo’s booty as he climbs some rocks. Thank you, YouTube).

“One of our hair stylists gave this to me at work on my Apple show—It’d be pretty rad if we could make a suit like that,” Momoa says as he shows the scrunchie to the camera.

And so the story goes… They set out to make a matching suit with the help of the iconic Sylvia Venturini Fendi and the ponytail man himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

“They sent sketches,” stylist Jeanne Yang says. “We went through a variety of them. Could not believe what they came up with.”

A light pink velvet jacket with black satin lapels, a white button-up underneath, and matching pink velvet pants with black side-stripes down the legs. It was flawless.

After some tailoring and great approval from the team, Mr. Lagerfeld passed away on Monday, February 19th from complications of pancreatic cancer, before he could see his star shine on the red carpet.

“It’s one of the last things he ever had his hands in. Ever,” Yang says. “Unbelievable.”

Momoa rocked the scrunchie in a man bun at the Vanity Fair after party along with a second tailored Fendi suit in a darker pink. There they awaited the scrunchie’s destiny as the internet-breaking hair accessory of 2019.