Why Write

This is a meta post. You have been warned.

I joined Yikes? because I thought it’d be a great way to express my creative/artsy side. My original goal was to write satire and parodies.

My first post, “The Transfer Experience,” was just a starting point—a personal piece to debut my writing.

I started crafting several parodies of songs, from Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” to Timbaland’s “Apologize”, but I procrastinated. May and June passed, and I’d scribbled some half-baked lyrics that were promising in meaning but lacking in clarity.

About half an hour before I wrote this, I reluctantly opened my latest attempt at a song parody, only to close it after reading the first line. I wasn’t being productive with my time. I want to be able to discover something profound about myself and document it so I know it’s real. I want to look back and remember the change and how I benefited from it.

So, here’s the meta part: I’m writing this to document and express something profound I’ve discovered about my writing.

Here we go: my desire to write only impersonal posts doesn’t stem from the enjoyment of making people laugh at funny jokes, but from a fear of sharing personal stories with anyone online. It’s an avoidance tactic. That’s something I was ashamed to admit to myself a few months ago, and I’m now admitting it to the world.

The shame comes from the fear that whatever I say could be used against me, even though I know it’s extremely unlikely. I know I’m paranoid, but sometimes fear overcomes logic.

After all, we are very anxious. Hah.

So, why write at all? This is something I’ve considered over and over again.

I’ve found that the act of writing itself is therapeutic. It’s a hobby, a distraction, a creative form of expression. It’s a tool that I, STEM kid that I am, need in order to destress and reflect.

That being said, I do hope that someone who reads this will find meaning from it. Maybe, they’ll even discover something noteworthy about themself.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never write all that ~silly stuff~ in the future. In fact, there was one song parody I thoroughly enjoyed writing (*hint hint – this will be posted soon!). What else can you expect to see from me? Today, I feel like writing about my summer job. Tomorrow, I may feel like writing about my dog. When school starts next week, I may feel like writing about social anxiety. To be honest, I really don’t know. It’s whatever comes to mind at any moment.

Anyway, this is me, being brave. Writing something personal. Putting myself out there. And I guess that’s all I really wanted to say.