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cropped-yikes-logo-yellowgreen.pngAre you socially anxious? Depressed? Aged 14-29? Are you a feminist? Do you live in Philadelphia, or anywhere else where it’s becoming socially acceptable to go to therapy?


If you don’t fit into any of the above categories, are you open-minded? Respectful? Do you like to read? Look at art? Laugh and cry and feel intense emotions? Then we’re a little bit jealous of your mental stability, but you’re welcome too!

This is Yikes? magazine and we’re here to be your 21st century etiquette book on navigating life, dating, jobs, sex, panic attacks, exploration and, for you cusp babies, figuring out if you’re more like a Taurus or an Aries.

Don’t be fooled. We obviously have a LOT of life experience (we even use tampons and sometimes enjoy sex with men) and have some know-hows for almost every sticky situation that lands you in the dumpster behind Chipotle or Five Guys or Honeygrow or wherever it is you binge-eat your feelings (ours is usually Philly Style Pizza). But we’re also still learning after every breakdown that life CAN get better, and that there are positives in every negative situation. (One time I threw up in some guy’s bed and got a free toothbrush out of it!)

Please look beyond our run-on sentences and misused Oxford commas. We’re trying our best and we ARE English majors trying desperately hard not to sell out, and thirsty for your support.

We hope this “e-mag” or blog or whatever you can call this website brings you laughs or ugly cries or leaves you saying, as that guy in that one Vine says… ha ha… I do that.