Yikes? team



Bridget is a Temple University graduate with a bachelors in English with a creative writing track. She enjoys lounging around with her cat, eating hint of lime Tostitos, and telling people they should go to therapy (in a good way!)

Bridget lives in Fairmount with her boyfriend and gorgeous model-potential cat named Westley. Read more of Bridget’s fiction here.



Juliette is a senior English major at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Juliette loves sleeping, eating Vietnamese food (especially noods), and telling people about her dog, Angel. Juliette is especially good at procrastinating.

Juliette lives primarily in a glass cage of emotion in “West Philly,” usually with her three roommates.Read more of Juliette’s fiction here and science writing here.



Julia studies robotics engineering at the University of Waterloo somewhere in Canada. She spends most of her time daydreaming and doodling (in other words, slacking off). Her spirit animal is a dung beetle. Her favorite color is brown.



Allison is a sophomore statistics major at Cornell University. She enjoys petting dogs, walking dogs, and generally spending time with dogs instead of studying or doing anything productive. 

If you ask her, Allison may show you her dog. If you don’t ask her, she may also show you her dog.



Sophia DuRose is a twenty-year-old writer and avid ice cream eater from Orlando, FL, now living in Philadelphia. She is a member of the Florida State Poets Association and her work has appeared in literary magazines such as Rainy Day Magazine, Revelry, The Same, Contemporary American Voices, National Poetry Magazine, The American Library of Poetry, and Apricity. Her first book of poetry, “Losing Teeth” was published by Shantih press in May of 2019.

She wishes she could say she lives with her pet pug, Edgar Allan Pug, but she lives alone. Currently, she is working towards her English degree at the University of Pennsylvania.