calling all creatives

We at Yikes? are looking for some sexy visual artists, writers, producers, or whatever you ares, to join our collaborative efforts. We’re here for diversity and creativity; we want impressive stories and unique voices (although, if you’re a little facetious like us, we’ll get along just fine).


Artists: Tell us your story. Have some freaky drawings that are collecting dust? A creative video that’s taking up too much of your hard drive but you’re itching to share? An idea for a podcast or other audio recording that needs an outlet? Let us interview you and get it out there. For fiction pieces, we can help you polish, edit, or finish any stories you have started but are stuck on. We gotchu, friend.

Writers: Join the Yikes? team. Got thoughts? Write your own opinion articles, mental health tales, sexcapades, or just tell us a crazy story about your cat or your grandmother whenever you want. We’re here for it. You’ll get your very own bio, illustration, and the oh-so-desired chance to say, “I’m a published writer.”

We can’t wait to meet you.

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